Other Side (feat. HoodyBaby, OHB & Section Boyz)

Chris Brown

[Chris Brown]
The man war war
What you say? What you say?
What you say nigga?
The man war war

[Chris Brown]
If I take a life, how can I apologize?
Either it's you or me takin' that journey to the other side

Them boys some punk, them man get me vex
They ain't bad akh, they just got a bad reflex
About war with war, they can't test with S
That button won't press, the man don't press
Bloodclart, I mix the dope with the bloodclart
A wah da bloodclart, bare jawns and in this bloodclart
Look pon me face, my yute
Just can't drop out my zoot, my yute
Gunshot right out the boot, my yute
Look pon my shoe dem my boot, my yute

They don't want war
Brap brap, beat up your car
Gang gang on the M way
Man done shut down anywhere fast
Grass, treezy
I'm in Amsterdam gettin' weedy
Whip the work up with Breezy
Still up in the ends, can't see me
Get it in, get it gone
Trap, break a brick with my back
Trapstar but I rap
Got a alleyway full of cats
They don't want war
Them man, they're all talk
Take man's girl on tour
Why you think that she's airin' your calls?

[Chris Brown]
If I take a life, how can I apologize?
Either it's you or me takin' that journey to the other side

They ain't 'bout it, they ain't tarkin'
Move the food like a market
Bro bro with a rare tat
Brap brap in the rocket
Big strap like a car seat
Young dog, you might bark him
We the boys from the back streets
Tell a boy to move cautious
They don't want war
Tell your mate better be calm
Back it out and they back down
Lift the weight, get a pack gone
Trap yard with a bad jawn
On the strip, fuck a lap dance
Ask bro, everything's calm
Your girl wanna take a chance

See a peng girl, yo wagwan
Gang gang, girl I ain't no stank
Take the packs, laugh like ha
Take the what, and left the war
Skrrt skrrt, jump out doors
Uh uh, you don't want war
Bumbaclart, mix it with the rough
Them girl just wanna do talk

[Chris Brown]
If I take a life, how can I apologize?
Either it's you or me takin' that journey to the other side

Uh, I'm with Double 0, I don't need no pass
No cuffin' hoes, the homies dem pass
She suck it whole but might speak with class
Granny titties, them man they're soft
The savage in me, he better not laugh
Get the package empty, them rented cars
Amnes' comin' in plenty
Book me, I be cookie scented
Cause I do the stage and shut down with squa
I'm not sayin' I'm Esco Bar
But I rap hard and I really let go bars
Foreign jawns in my section yard
I'm not a star, but I did guest on far

[Chris Brown]
I'm spendin' money cause a nigga never had it
In my dreams, turnin' niggas into addicts
Top shotta, got the chopper sittin' right under the mattress
The shot out from the gauge of the rusty, but nigga fuck practice
I don't really talk on the phone when I move them things
See them feds, the location change
AKAs are the major pain
Bitch niggas want all the money and fame
But I'll never tell them 'bout the package
Who am I? Bitch, I'm a savage
All of your bitches fanatics
Make the work, do a back flip, I'm doin' gymnastics

[Chris Brown]
If I take a life, how can I apologize?
Either it's you or me takin' that journey to the other side

Coca Cola, my sponsor
Do the math, do the numbers
All my trap goin' bonkers
Play with me, we gon' stomp ya
We suggestin' a turf war
Want respect, you gotta work for it
Word around that the feds on me
I been sellin' dope at my merch store
Plant the seed, watch the earth grow
Play with me, watch your girl go
Kidnappin' can't fix that
6 bricks, that's a 6 pack
2 piece, that's a Kit-Kat
We take the work, we don't get taxed
HoodBaby, my paper good
In the neighborhood where my Crips at

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