Seen The Light

Chris Brown

(1st Verse)
It's been a struggle for me,
Wonderin` why I can't get by with my life,
But now I'm free,
And I done did some right and wrong,
But still I see the light,
And I done been around the sex and drugs,
Hustlin` but mama ain't raise no thug,
And it took a little to see how real it could get,
And how this life wasn't meant for me 'cause I,
Seen a lot of bad things on my block,
But I ain't wonna be a victim of a gunshot,
I can't let nothing? hold me down

See all the things I read about,
Aee all the things I've heard about,
I seen the light

(2nd Verse)
It's kinda hard for me,
To stay away from all these girls
And the haters they don't like,
That I'm fulfillin` my dream,
But I'm just tryna do my thing,
My nigga can't I live my life,
I got the world on my shoulders (shoulders),
And I'm only getting` older (older),
But it's like it's getting` colder,
I'm gone make it but I can't take it sometimes,
I came a long way from my block,
And I'm grateful for everything I got,
I didn't let nothing bring me down


Aw man, after all this, who would`ve thought,
Little boy from Tappahannock, Virginia,
You know what I`m sayin`,
would make it all the way to the top.

Life is vivid but seen through the eyes of a righteous spirit,
They try to show us the light but we don't like to
hear it,
Mama told me I was bright but despite her lyrics,
A large heard across my sight I had to fight to clear it,
Like a runner a couple of summers I often wondered if it really was winter
And that's when I heard the thunder,
A current was occurin` it was stirrin` up my hunger,
But I couldn't let the shit bury a nigga under,
Use to cry hopin` all of this would pass,
And then I learned to use my tears to water up the
A part of my swagga but apparently I won,
I took my shades off and now I'm starin` at the sun,
I'm seein` the light, I'm seein the light,
realizing` that it's me in the light,
I read about it (read about it),
Heard about it (heard about it) now I know

I coulda did wrong,
I seen a lot of people hustle,
But I left them things alone,
I almost lost my friend to the struggle,
But I guess that made me strong,
made me strong,
I seen a whole lot of drama,
And it taught me how to fight,
Taught me how to fight,
And I thank God for my mama,
She showed me what was right,
I coulda been in the dark,
But thank God for the light,
(I see the light) I see the light

(End adlibs)
All the things I heard about,
I read about it, I read about it, oh,
I see the light, I see the light

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