Dalton Rapattoni


I'm holding on for my dear life,
To the railing of the roof.
And the ground below me looks up and says,
What are you gonna do.
Are you gonna throw it all away,
Gonna end it all or not.
And I'm waiting for the phone to ring,
To hear your voice again.
Cause you're the only one who can save me,
From this dark and lonely end.
But it's getting colder by the second,
Surrounded by these forget me not's,
And second thoughts.


And I want them to stop,
Please stop.
Please stop.


Well the ground is looking softer,
Every second that I wait.
And the rain is stinging on my skin,
As tears fall down my face.
And I hold your picture in my hand,
So you'll be with me when I go.
And I recall the moments that led me to this,
All of my mistakes.
I say goodbye to all the memories,
And lies to my face,
Cause I was hurting on the inside so,
I hurt myself on the outside too,
But then came you.


And you begged me to stop,
Please stop.
Stop, (oooh)
Please stop.


And I walk up to the edge,
And I kiss your picture goodbye.
And I turn around to lean back,
And I see you, with your hand out screaming stop.


Please stop,
Please stop.


But you were just a little too late,
I touched your fingers on my way down.
Falling faster than I fell for you,
And when I look up.
I see you looking down on me,
Screaming, crying, begging, pleading, weeping
That's when everything stopped.


Stopped, (oooh)

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