Daniel Kiedis

You drove me to six-stringed things
That soothe my heart and call to my dreams
When I Picassoed up my life and called it art
You wore a path right around my heart

And you sent me love, always sent me love

So is it love
Like the feeling right before it rains
Is it love
That led you to remember my name

Is it love?

With our feet off the edge of a ledge
You said that you would jump if I led
I didnt stand up to test you
I stood back to show you that
that was something you should have never said

Still you sent me love, always sent me love

So is it love
Turning acorn seeds into to trees
Is it love
That put the shake in your knobby knees

You feel just like a minor key surrounding me,
and all those prints on our pictures got frightening

Is this love?

Then you came to my window pane
And told me that youd take my name
Asked me to open the door a crack
And said that I caught your heart when I slammed it back

Said you sent true love, said you sent true love

But is it love
That lays valleys at a mountains feet
Is it love
That told your eyes to think me sweet

See you just feel like a minor key thats surrounding me,
and all the prints you put on our pictures got frightening

So hows this love?

Cuz if it's love
tell me why did I run?
and if it's true love
tell me why do I run.?

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