Tiny House God

The tiny house god makes his sentiments clear
All your new anger hides all your old fear
Say that you've changed and just how you can't say
I'll still come calling at the end of your day

So sad about me
Drowning in gravity
Where could you be?

Raise your hands, your hands, your voice
Just don't give yourself away
Turn the wheels, the gears within
Wheels of our machinery
Feel your arm, your arms, your legs moving
Feel your breath inside
Greet the night and smell the stars burning
All across the sky

Say that you sleep in the garden of lies
Try as you might, you'll just feed the same fire
Say that you've gone to a place I can't go
Leave me a secret that only I know

So sad about me
I'm drowning in gravity
Where could you be?

Try today to go today
Finally now the time has come
All upon and is upon
Seeing everything undone
Down, down, the vision, cigarette driven
Sparking brilliantly
Time it took and time denied
Couldn't mean the same to me, yeah

The tiny house god makes his sentiments clear
All his new anger hides all his old fear
The tiny house god sometimes gets it all wrong
I suppose I'll explain it all after you're gone

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