Cold Holidays

I prefer cold holidays because I don't like the heat.
there's a beach somewhere with its tired facade.
As we're running around in the streets. signs upon the windows in the capital. people in the windows of the capital. I've had enough of illuminated lights. to avoid a week of friday nights.
where there are no apartments.
there's just unavoidable fights.
I like capital cities. they've got a charm I don't understand. I'm disappointed with the season.
I'm disappointed with the sand.
let me lead you onto bridges upon which we can dance.
We've got long sleeve jackets and polaroids in our hands.
I prefer cold holidays when you need to wrap up warm.
an iridescent ride through the city tonight will make you feel at home. groups of searchlights on the roof
that highlight me and you
the perpendicular is constantly my favourite view

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