Everybody But You

Dave Barnes

Honest, baby
Can't you see it when it's just me and you
My face gets blushed
My sentences rush
I don't know what to do

I'm trying lady
Just to act like nothings going on
It's plain to see
You get into me
And I guess you should

Rumors going round
Baby I guess it's true

Everybody knows it here but you
I love you girl but you still ain't got a clue

Waiting, baby
For these feelings just to fade away
As the days get longer
It just gets stronger
I don't know what to say

Forgive me, baby
See I never really meant to confuse
My chance is gone
All I've done is wrong
I got nothing left to lose


I must apologize my reasons and all the lies
I'm helpless baby when it's you

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