Give It Back (That Love Is Mine)

Dead Or Alive

The guilty look upon your face,
Tells me you'v done something wrong,
Something's missing, my lover's gone,
And we had such a good time.

Money isn't everything,
You could have taken anyone,
Take my car, my diamond rings,
But I don't like my lover gone,

Give it back, that love is mine,
It should be mine exclusively, yeah!
Give it back, don't waste your time,
That love belongs to me,
Give it back that love is mine,
All Mine, All Mine, All Mine, All Mine

My back was turned, I'd never guess,
That you might want to be the next,
I've got to say, that isn't cool
I won't give up that easy,

I wear suprise upon my sleeve,
For all to go and talk about,
You took the thing I really need,
Now I will not be written out,


Can't you see, it's meant for me,
And no-one loves me better
No-one's taking what is mine,
And we must be together,
Now, I want what's all my own
You really shouldn't knock it,
In my arms and in my home,
'Cos, only I can rock it.


Want them, Take them Have them, Keep them,
Ooh! but hands off, hands off,


One thing I just won't do,
Is stand here peacefully,
And let you walk away now with my baby,
Good looks aren't everything,
But oh! I like pretty things,
And if you touch what's mine,
Then I go crazy.

All Mine (4x)

Do not waste your time,
You know that love is mine,
Gonna cut you down to size yeah, yeah, yeah,
I only want what's mine,
Standing by my side,
Don't wanna hear no lies,

No, No, No

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