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Stupid Like U

Deborah Cox

So smart to leave a trail of deception
All these late night excursions point in one direction
Your friends call and ask me what rock you've been under
But you tell me you're with them, Now I Got Your Number, Yeah!


Now I caught you, you're such a liar
Your deception has just expired
Now you've broken the rules I won't play the fool
See I done been to that school
And I'm not stupid like you!

Verso 2

Who did you think I was when you met me?
Such a good girl, so blind
Your vision needs correcting
I heard you was with her
No since in denying
Cause I saw you kiss her
You need to stop your lying oh, oh, oh!

Should' a known you was wrong
Silly how you carried on
Now you got nothing to say
Cause you made a big mistake
It's such a shame how you changed
I know how you're getting down
I'd be dumb, if I stuck around

Verso 3

Can't turn back now
Must move forward
Made your bed so lie down
Enjoy the sorrow
Can't be bothered it's over
We're done and we're through
You're so fired; I'm looking for someone new!


Stupid Like U

Composição: Sherrod Barnes/Curtis Richardson

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