Misty Dreamer

Def Leppard

The sun that is rising is glistening down on the hill The pool of confusion is silently still The thoughts of another keep runnin' through my mind As I search for the answer, it's never easy to find The prophet stood on the hill and firmly he gripped his sword As the angels of wisdom were singing a heavenly chord So I look back and wonder if I should be asking for more As a traveller in limbo who's washed up onto the wrong shore In the morning when I wake up And the story starts to break up Then it's plain to see What's wrong with me So the curtains they are drawn back And my mind is simply torn back To reality, you see, to me, I'm just a misty dreamer I slipped by the waterslide And I thought I heard my true love screamin' So I opened my eyes and shook my head and I realized I was only dreamin' So close your eyes and drift away Tomorrow seems like yesterday for you Your conscience guided by a light Your memory won't be here tonight The sorrow that eyes are showing Doesn't hide your spirit flowing So close your eyes and drift away Tomorrow seems like yesterday for you Drift away Tomorrow seems like yesterday for you

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