A Pequena Sereia - She's In Love


Alanna (spoken): I'm talking about Ariel, that's who! Adella (spoken): What about her? Alanna (spoken): She sure is acting fishy lately! Aquata (spoken): I'll say! Swimming in circles! Chasing her tail! Alanna (spoken): That girl is up to her gills in something! Alanna (singing): She's dizzy and she's dreamy Aquata: Her head's up in the foam Atina: Her eyes have gone all gleamy It's like there's no one home Alanna, Aquata & Atina: She floats away the days Mopin' on the coastal shelf Andrina: You ask her where she's goin' She giggles like a fool Adella: She barely sticks a toe in Down at the tidal pool Arista: It's more than just a phase Face it, she's just not herself Aquata: Is she ill? Atina: Or insane? Alanna: Is it water on the brain? Aquata, Atina & Alanna: What has got her bothered so? Andrina: It's the bends! Adella: It's the flu! Arista: Gosh, I wish we had a clue! Mersisters: Oh, wait! Oh, dear! Good grief! It's clear... She's in love! She's in love! Pounding heart! Ringing bells! Alanna: Look, I think she's even wearing brand new shells! Andrina, Arista & Adella: She's in love! Aquata, Atina & Alanna: In love and it's divine! Andrina, Arista & Adella: SheÂ?s in love! Aquata, Atina & Alanna: That girl's on sandbar nine! Andrina, Arista & Adella: Glory be! Mersisters: Lord above! Gotta be she's in love! Arista (spoken): Hey, Flounder! D'ya notice anything weird about you-know-who? Flounder (spoken): You mean Ariel? I'll say! Flounder (singing): She acts like she don't see me She doesn't even speak She treats me like sashimi Left over from last week You see her late at night Tossin' in her ocean bed She's moody as a snapper Oblivious as rocks You swim right up and tap her - Flounder & Mersisters: She lays there like a lox! Flounder: As sure as dogfish bite Somethin's made her lose her head! Mersisters: She has lost her head! Flounder: And she sighs, and she swoons And she's hummin' little tunes Mersisters: Even has a sorta glow Flounder: What on earth could it be? Mersisters: Any hammerhead can see! Aquata & Adella: That sigh! Arista & Alanna: That glow! Andrina & Atina: That swoon! Flounder: Oh, no! - She's in love! Mersisters: She's flipped, it never fails! Flounder: She's in love! Mersisters: All hot beneath her scales! Flounder: See her hips, how they swish! Mersisters: Well, well, well Don't you wonder who's the lucky seafood dish? Flounder: She's in love! Mersisters: She found a deep-sea hunk! Flounder: She's in love! Mersisters: And now she's as good as sunk! Flouder: See her blush! Mersisters & Flounder: See her grin! Gotta be love she's in! Flounder: Ariel-and-someone swimmin' in the sea! K-i-s-s-i-n-g! Mersisters: Her cheeks could not flush pinker! Flounder: It's clear as H2O! Mersisters: She's caught Â? hook, line and sinker! Andrina, Arista & Atina: Crushed out! Aquata, Adella & Alanna: Switched on! Aquata, Andrina, Arista & Alanna: Worked up! Far gone! Flounder: Knocked down! Mersisters: Hard hit! Flounder: In deep! Mersisters: That's it! She's in love! She's in love! Flounder: She's - in - love! Flounder & Mersisters: She's in love! She's in love! Plain to see! No mistake! Look at those moonbeams in her wake! Obvious what they must be symptoms of - She's in love! She's in love! She's in love! She's in love! Yeah, yeah! beijos Thatá Monteiro =*

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