Aladdin - The Return of Jafar - I'm Looking Out For Me


I'm Looking Out For Me That's it! I've had it! I hate to be dramatic But it's time for me to fly the coop Terrific! Fine! I'm drawin' the line Before I wind up in a parrot soup! I was a fool to let you run the show I'm cuttin' ya loose, pal! Look out below! Arrividerci! C'est la vie! Hope all goes well! I'm lookin' out for me! Okay! I'm little, Been playin' second fiddle And I don't get no respect I turn the other cheek But this busted beak Is the only thanks that I get! I never found a friend that I can trust They promise caviar And leave me eatin' dust! That's some reward for loyalty From here on in I'm lookin' out for me! Oh, I don't need nobody else I'll never fail I'll cover my own tail I can take care of myself! You know, it just don't pay To give a hoot I'm givin' all my heart What do I get? Da boot! I'm through wit' dat I'm flappin' free From here on in I'm lookin' out for me!

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