Beauty and the Beast - Home


Belle: Yes, I made the choice For papa, I will stay But I don't deserve to to lose my freedom in this way You monster! If you think that what you've done is right, well then You're a fool! Think again! Is this home? Is this where I should learn to be happy? Never dreamed that a home could be dark and cold I was told ev'ry day in my childhood: Even when you grow old Home should be where the heart is Never where words so true! My heart's far, far away Home is too Is this home Is this what I must learn to believe in Try to find Something good in this tragic place Just in case I should stay here forever Held in this empty place Oh, that won't be easy I know the reason why My heart's far, far away Home's alike What I'd give to return To the life that I knew lately But I know now I can't All my problems going by Is this home? Am I here for a day or forever? Shut away From the world until who knows when Oh, but then As my life has been altered once It can change again Build higher walls around me Change ev'ry lock and key Nothing lasts, nothing holds All of me My heart's far, far away Home and free!

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