Beauty and the Beast - Maison Des Lunes


Gaston: There's a danger I'll be thwarted And denied my honeymoon For the pretty thing I've courted Refuse to swoon So, the time has come for a murky plan For which I turn to a murky man LeFou: To find that feind Both: Where better than The Maison des Lunes? Gaston: I don't take this girl for granted There's no path I haven't hewn To her heart; no seed unplanted No flowers unstrewn But quite amazing to relate She doesn't want me for her mate LeFou: Which forces him to contemplate Both: The Maison des Lunes Monsieur D'Arque: I don't wish to seem a tad obtuse But I don't see how I can be of use For I lock people up; I'm not a "Lonely Heart's club" I'm a cold, cold fish I've a nasty, vicious streak LeFou: Please speak! Gaston: It's Belle's father who's your client She adores the old buffoon She'll be forced to be complaint LeFou: She'll dance to your tune Gaston: We get the daughter through her dad You just pronounce the old boy mad LeFou: And, whoosh! He's slammed up in your pad-- LeFou, D'Arque: The Maison des Lunes Gaston: Do I make myself entirely clear? D'Arque: It's the simplest deal of my whole foul career! Gaston: Put Maurice away and she'll be here in moments In a dreadful state She'll capitulate to me! D'Arque: I'll be strapping up an inmate LeFou: Very tightly Gaston: Very soon D'Arque: But please don't bring him late Our check-in time's noon! LeFou, D'Arque: So, wave one bachelor goodbye Gaston: She'll be my bride LeFou: She'd rather die Than have her daddy ossify? D'Arque: In my sordid saloon All: So book the church; raise the glasses high To the Maison des Lunes!

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