Cinderella - The Work Song


[Cinderella:] Cinderella, Cinderella All I hear is Cinderella, from the moment I get up till shades of night are falling There isn't any letup, I hear them calling, calling Go up and do the attic and go down and do the cellar, you can do them both together "Cinderella." How lovely it would be if I could live in my fantasy But in the middle of my dreaming they're screaming at me Cinderella *Alternative Lyrics from the movie:* [Jack:] Every time she'd find a minute That's the time that they begin it Cinderelly, Cinderelly [Stepsisters:] Cinderella! [Jack:] Cinderelly, Cinderelly Night and day it's Cinderelly Make the fire, fix the breakfast Wash the dishes, do the mopping [Girl mice:] And the sweeping and the dusting They always keep her hopping [Jack:] She goes around in circles Till she's very, very dizzy Still they holler [Girl mice:] Keep a-busy Cinderelly! We can do it, we can do it We can help our Cinderelly We can make her dress so pretty There's nothing to it, really We'll tie a sash around it Put a ribbon through it When dancing at the ball She'll be more beautiful than all In the lovely dress we'll make for Cinderelly Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry Gonna help our Cinderelly Got no time to dilly-dally We gotta get a-goin' [Gus:] I'll cut with these scissors! [Jack:] And I can do the sewing! [Girl Mouse:] Leave the sewing to the women You go get some trimmin' And we'll make a lovely dress for Cinderelly! [Girl mice and Gus:] We'll make a lovely dress for Cinderelly!

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