No Matter What


Belle: Papa, do you think I'm...odd? Maurice: My daughter odd? Where did you get an idea like that? Belle: I don't know. It's just that, well, people talk. Maurice: They talk about me, too. Maurice: No, we're not odd, its true No fam'ly ever saner Except one uncle who...well, maybe let that pass In all you say or do You couldn't make it plainer You are your mother's daughter; therefore you are class Belle: So I should just accept I'm simply not like them Maurice: They are the common herd And you should take my word You are unique: creme de la creme No matter what you do I'm on your side And if my point of view Is somewhat misty-eyed There's nothing clearer in my life Than what I wish and feel for you And that's a lot... No matter what Belle: No matter what they say You make me proud I love the funny way You stand out from the crowd Maurice: It's my intention my invention Shows the world out there one day Just what we've got... Belle: No matter what Maurice: Now some may say all fathers just exaggerate Belle: That ev'ry daughter's great? Maurice: You are! Belle: And ev'ry daughter tends to say her father's tops Maurice: She pulls out all the stops To praise him Belle: And quite rightly! Maurice: No matter what the pain We've come this far I pray that you remain Exactly as you are This really is a case of father knowing best Belle: And daughter too! Maurice: You're never strange Belle: Don't ever change Both: You've all I've got No matter what.

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