One Jump Ahead


I gotta keep One jump ahead of the bread line one swing ahead of the sword i steal only what i can't afford and thats everything One jump ahead of the lawmen That's all, and that's no joke These guys don't appreciate I'm broke [Crowd:] Riffraff! Street rat! Soundrel! Take that! [Aladdin:] Just a little snack, guys [Crowd:] Rip him open, take it back, guys [Aladdin:] I can take a hint, gotta face the facts You're my only friend, Abu! [Crowd:] Who? [Ladies:] Oh it's sad Aladdin's hit the bottom He's becoma a one-man rise in crime I'd blame parents except he hasn't got 'em [Aladdin:] Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat Tell you all about it when I got the time! One jump ahead of the slowpokes One skip ahead of my doom Next time gonna use a nom de plume One jump ahead of the hitmen One hit ahead of the flock I think I'll take a stroll around the block [Crowd:] Stop, thief! Vandal! Outrage! Scandal! [Aladdin:] Let's not be too hasty [Lady:] Still I think he's rather tasty [Aladdin:] Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat Otherwise we'd get along [Crowd:] Wrong! [Aladdin:] One jump ahead of the hoofbeats (Vandal!) One hop ahead of the hump (Street rat!) One trick ahead of disaster (Scoundrel!) They're quick, but I'm much faster (Take that!) Here goes, better throw my hand in Wish me happy landin' All I gotta do is jump One Jump Ahead (Reprise) Music: Alan Menken Lyrics: Tim Rice [Aladdin:] Riffraff, street rat I don't buy that If only they'd look closer Would they see a poor boy? No, siree They'd find out There's so much more to me

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