Pateta o Filme - On The Open Road



Goofy: Do you need a break from modern livin'?
Do you long to shed your weary load?
If your nerves are raw and your brain is fried just grab a friend
and take a ride together upon the open road.

"Come on Maxie"

Max: All in all, I'd rather have detention.
All in all I'd rather eat a toad (ugh)
And my old man drives like such a klutz
That I'm about to hurl my guts directly
Upon the open road.

Goofy: There's nothing can upset me cuz know we're on our way
Our trusty map we'll guide us straight and true.

Max: Roxanne please don't forget me I will return some day.
Though I may be in traction when I do.

Goofy: Me and Max relaxing like the old days.
Max: This is worse than dragon breath and acne.
Goofy: In a buddy-buddy kind of mode.
Max: I'm so mad I think I may explode.
Goofy: When I see that highway I could cry.
Max: You know that's funny so could I
Both: Just being out on the open road.

(Western music)
Cowgirls: Howdy, boys is this the way to Nashville?

Fat guy: Watch it Mack, or you'll be gettin' towed.

Prisoner: I'm in no hurry to arrive cuz I'll be turning 65 the next
time I sees the open road.

Little guy: Just a week of rest and relaxation.

His wife: Yeah!
Little guy: And the odd romantic episode.

Mickey Mouse: It's Ca-la-for-ni-a or bust.

Old Lady: Look out you dirtbags eat my dust. From now on I
own the open road.

Goofy: It's me and little Maxie, my pipsqueek pioneer.

Nuns: They're partners forever westward ho yeeha.

Max: Could someone call a taxi and get me out of here to
Beverly Hills 90210.

Everyone: Oh every day another new adventure.
Every mile another new zip code.
And the cares we've had are gone for good.

Max: and I would go with them if I could.

Everyone: I got no strings on me.
I'm feeling fancy free.
How wonderful to be.
On the open roooo oo oo oo oo ooo ooooad.


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