Dori Caymmi

You know I never really see who you are
It seems I never really can understand
Just when I think that you’ve gone
I feel you take a hold of my hand
You’re like the wind that blows in front of a storm
The electricity explodes in the night
Now it’s already too late
To decide if it’s wrong or it’s right
This obsession is too strong to fight
Somewhere there must be
A place where two heartbeats can touch
Where lovers can meet in the daylight
And find it’s enough
So do I really need the shadows you hide in?
This passion that lives in the dark
Show me your heart
I never hear about the pain in your past
You never talk about the places you’ve been
Each time you say that you love me
I find you are lying again
And still you know you rule my dreams with your charm
You still put all those silver clouds in my eyes
Make me believe you’re a blessing
When you are a curse in disguise
(An) obsession that can’t be denied

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