Ear Bleeding Disorder

Beholding the kaliedescopic hue of your decomposing hymen I salivate
Entranced by the effervescing effluvium of the rotted vagina
Carefully excising the fragantly fermented labia I shall masticate
Savoring the pungent aromatic whiff, my quivering lips wet with saliva

Nibbling the avulsed petals of the flower of womanhood so delicate
My slavering palate overwhelmed by the feotid flavor
Marinating chunks of vaginal skin in feminine hygine creams so elegant
This culinary clitoral carving is a decidedlt putrid endeavor

The shriveled copulatory organ
Falls prey to my culinary whims
Sliced, diced, and mangled, painstakingly garnished and trimmed
Dried and festered, salted to taste
A douche bag helps clean out the clots
A napkin will insure that none goes to waste
As I heartliy devour the rot

Vagitarian - a morbid mortified meal
Vagitarian - gorging myself with psychopathic zeal
Vagitarian - a rancid repast so horrific
Vagitarian - with a pinch of salt it's terrific

Gnashing the clitoris with inconceivable delight
The dried vaginal potrusion I adore
The most culinary form of cunnigulus
A strict diet of vaginal gore

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