New York Olympic Games

El Fudge

L-fudge, l-fungus
Coming amongst us like columbus
New york...ain't no hurdlin' in
Murderin' burglarin' in
Crack fiends servin' 'em in
All dreams burnin' 'em, yo, yo

[verse 1:]
New york olympic games cause it's a forty yard dash
It's drug triathalons, street gymnastics deep gashes
Battle scars from goin' up against the competition
Gold medals won, for the character i'm preferably hung
On the next is those who earn respect from wavin' they techs recruited
Illegal aliens from the boat that still wet
The tight teamers bond, crews dedicated
Flippin' dough wid money machines and the pointy looks, animated
The plush life, ain't enough right?, so you get uptight
You can get blasted and left in a position that's upright
Every person in ya team represents you
You have to all hit the same all slang ya caine at the same level
Fuck javelins when daggers being swung at ya structure
Havin' confrontations wid teams that see more cream than russia
You shine like flashlights we wave our ushers at the anus
Get money percentages go up like escalators
Growin' up in drug areas buildin' on mass hysteria
Death claims specific names playin' in olympic games, yeh..
Death claims specific names playin' in olympic games

[hook x2:]
New york olympic games ain't no hurdlin' just murderin'
Burglarin' swervin' in and on asphalt
Breakin' into black cars, crack fiends servin' em
Officially, hurtin' em, all dreams burnin' em

[verse 2:]
New york olympic games consist of batons bein' set up for the most worthy
In case ya have to close shop early something's gotta give
Switch negative energy to positive
Invest ya money businesses and rock wid it
Use it for washing machine purposes
Cleanin' up any dirt that surfaces
Our money's strictly used for splurgin' wid
If not, prepare for ya whole click to fire up
And watch the murderin' guages instantly shoot higher up
The fact is, b-boys is hot
There's alotta talk runnin' around the street now the noise won't stop
Peoples ain't satisfied wid there share and arose a plot
Almost put you in a box attached to ropes ready to drop
Does that make sense?, take a step back away from the game
Matter of fact take ten...you don't belong here..

[hook x2]

Ain't no hurdlin' in, new york olympic games
Murderin' burglarin' in, new york olympic games
Crack fiends servin' em in, new york olympic games
All dreams burnin' em in, new york olympic games

[hook x2]

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