Fall From Grace

Electric Hell Fire Club

Do you remember when...
We fell from grace and were cast out of Heaven?
Our paradise denied
God-forsaken for the sin of pride
The chosen few, the tribes of Cain
We built an empire of chaos and pain
A dark labyrinth of corruption and disease
But I'd rather rot in Hell than live on my knees!!!

Do you remember when...
The world fell to ruin at the hands of evil men?
A new regime with a single cause:
To establish pleasure as the only law
Every man and woman a slave,
Arenas wet with the blood they gave
We slaughtered millions just to watch them die
Then we piled all the corpses up until they reached the sky.

We lost our faith,
We fell from grace
And if I ever see your God again I'll spit in his face
Burning in Hell...we were left to die
But now the fire's in our hearts and someday we'll
Come alive!...inside of our prison cells and
Crawl! Crawl! Crawl!...up from the the depths of hell and
Rise! Rise! Rise!... back to power 'til we
Fall! Fall! Fall!... from grace again!!!

We will build a new paradise
East of Eden where the shadows lie
A new order that makes gods of men
Someday we will rule the world again!
We will rule the world again!
We will rule the world again!
We will rule the world again.

Composição: Electric Hellfire Club

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