For Those Who Remain


The end will come unannounced
No tolling of alarms
No bells that ring in morning light
To tell of whats to come

The setting sun calls for twilight
Darkening of dreams
Left here to wander all alone

Like a shadow cast over the light
Far beyond the edge of slumber
Out of reach of daybreaks fangs
Where mind and eternity unite

Reveal to me the right path
For what remains are questions
Why were you taken away?

The paradise in dreams is now but a distant memory
Will we ever find our way

What was it like, how will it be
When time and death come claim their hold on me

Far beyond the silver moon and brightly shining stars
The answers await me to pass the realm of light

That light, which one sparkled silver and blue
Against the heavens tapestries has vanished

Those who remain are left to face this life alone
No shining star to guide them on their nightly path

A dying star in the morning sky
A path laid out before me - The path to reach my dreams
In search of answers, the meaning of this life
And visions of eternity

Even though I stand alone
I find comfort in the knowledge that those who passed away
Will never be truly forgotten
The memories will remain

Will we ever meet again, will the pain ever fade
How much longer must I roam the Earth to find the way
That will finally lead to you, if my theory is true
Or will there be but a lonely grave

At the end of the tunnel nothingness awaits
Is the meaning of life to die in vain
Nothing done ever lasts all will vanish
In the mists of time everything will fade

Or are we but the key to eternity
Will we come back and get another chance to change our ways
Learn from the past, alter our course, we will be back together once more

As I cast a defeated glance into the sky
All sense and reason have abandoned me
What will be at times end, will you be there when I die
End of grief, but with spirits free

All these possibilities and theories
Cannot release me from the chains that shackle me
For I must walk this path alone and face my task ahead
To find the answers that will set me free

And yet the questions remain

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