Can you believe all they say
It doesn’t seem like it was only yesterday
When you wandered out on superhighway

There should be a law about it
When they can take videos of you
Feel like I blew my soul out
Across the interwebs and streams
It was a million pieces of silver
And i watched them gleam

It left a hole so big inside of me
And I get terrified that
I will never get it back to me
I guess it’s just a modern disease

I get stressed out
and I just, I wanna get high
It’s cuz i’ve seen my face and I
I don’t recognize the person that i feel inside

Llike an american superpower
Turn on the spotlight
And nobody cowers

I don’t want to see you anything
I don’t want to put myself out
And turn it into a refrain
It’s all just a big advertising campaign

When everybody’s lookin
It’s supposed to be a dream
But disassociation
I guess it’s just a modern disease

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