A New Plan For Domination

Embrace Destruction

This is the truth
Bound to violence
Accept yourself
Open your eyes

And take a look at this world
Never think (that) using your mind is a weakness
The only ones that betray
Are the ones that make you believe that here you are safe

Crucified to an aimless cost
And delivered to the kings of the corporations

This is the truth
Bound to violence
Accept yourself
How can't you see

That this culture is so rotten inside
Where nothing grows and everything is dying
And you cannot react
Cause they sedate

Your denial
You are just opening the gates

You are opening the gates
Of the apocalypse

This society has no regard for human life

Money is created out of nothing creating debt
This debt is paid by you and to pay you need to work
Everything in your life is controlled in the name of profit
You ask to have this system as you depend on your possessions
And that's the plan for domination

Wake up
This is domination
And we are slaves
Wellfare it's warfare

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