Posh Birds


seriously bruv let's think about it
do you want some little rough ting coming up to you going
"i really really wanna suck ya dick, yeh yeh"
Or do you want like some proper posh nice coming up
to you going, "I really want to suck your cock?"

(tell me what you want me to do, you just tell me what you want
and i'll do it) x2

Now tell me why do they like geezers?
And why should they please us?
Cos surely, if they're posh and rich they're picky like tweezers?
But still, they try and seize us
I pop 'em with ease
Maybe they're dropping to their knees because i'm dropping my "Ts"
She had me when she said "Ell,
you know my legs spread well,
at school i weren't a prefect but they called me the head girl."
pronunciation, monier than honey i think it's kinda funny,
cos though she wants my cock I want her daddy's money,
Into the toilets skip the foreplay grip the doorway like BK
You can have it your way, shes so polite
She'll always say, "was that ok?"
She always pays for the taxi home, she's clearly a giver
But unlike all the cabbies she goes south of the river.

You can say what you like about posh birds,
you can do what you want about rich girls.
But they hear my geezer voice in the club,
and we always ending up in the bedroom.

(tell me what you want me to do, you just tell me what you want
and i'll do it) x2

Another weekend, to overspend,
Chat a bird up just to bury my ends,
Plunder their underwear,
trust me bruv you best beware.
You want the front cover of vanity fair?
You ain't gonna find it in Leicester Square
Where sluts get pissed beyond compare
End up looking the worst for wear
You ain't gotta act like a millionaire
If you wanna get your hands on their silverware
What do i mean? I hear you ask
A piece of arse with a piece of glass
Posh little rich girl, wants to be an "it" girl,
Prim and proper voice, but you know she sucks dick well
Head off to chelsea, the pussy there is wealthy
appetites for geezers they're very very healthy.
Saw a little blond ting strutting her stuff
i could tell she was dirt from the way she puffed
"Oi love, you wanna bit of rough?"
Two hours pass i'm inside her muff.

Composição: Joseph Gardner, Elliot Gleave

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