Hold Me Now

Fabres Shelly

Running Scared, and Out of My Mind
No Place Is Home
On These Streets I Reach For the Sky
With a Gun in My Hand
And the World in My Sights
I Face Every Day
But Still You Turn to Look At Me and Say

Hold Me Now Hold Me When
We're Running Round in Circles Once Again
Hold Me Now Hold Me When
We Feel in Need of Comfort Now and Then
Hold Me Now Hold Me When
We're Turning Round and Burning Down

Hide By Day, and Move On By Night
Wrap Me in Chains
Set Me Free When There Is no Light
You Can't Compete With These Lies and Deceit
That's My Evil Way
But Still You Dare to Look At Me and Say

Somehow These Days Have Turned Into Years
I'm Finding It Hard to Reach You
We Can't Begin to Count the Tears
It's Killing Me But Still I Say
Don't Ever Let This Moment Slip Away

I'll Never Find, My Peace of Mind
For Ever Falling Down These Mountains I Can't Climb
No Words Would Rhyme
Were You to Disappear Again
You Know That I Never Could Get Over It

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