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Fall Of Efrafa

My brother be, calm amongst withered grain
Come join me, from life's ebb we shall refrain
Your failing eyes half blindly stare and glimpse this fevered face


You marked this earth with calloused hands, broke bread amongst your kin
Another haggard conquered pawn, a discarded volunteer

A husk with an idea of life, with eyes burning like fire


Cast aside these earthly woes, you wove this tapestry of battles
I'll pay you pittance for your days, yet loosen all your shackles

I am the seer in the dark, the vagabond of yore

I am the sum of all your parts, and proprietor of all

A miasma, the conclusion, blackmonger of Inlé

Synapses fray, my form now vivid, as torpor sets and blood grows tepid
With every ounce of flesh now offered, I hold your corpse within my coffers

Knitted cells now split asunder, stand alongside me brother
Take your place amongst my Owsla, we march at dawn now and forever

Cross your palms and acquiesce, take a bow as they ascend
Scent these grounds with your presence, ring the change of days now done

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