Becky Is Back In The Ballet

Fanny Brice

Becky was a dancer
Look how she danced
Night-time and day
She triptoed away
She got a job in the ballet
But one night her foot made a slip
She fell on her back with
Oi! Such a crack, she almost located her hip
They thought she was dead from the bump on her head
She should be in bed but instead

Becky is back in the ballet
Kicking her foot to the sky
Becky is back in the ballet
Doing a sweet butterfly
Look how she goes, up on her toes
She pose on her toes
On her big brother’s nose
She flies, she can flitter, hither and thither her feet they go with her
She holds up the foot
While she smiles with the face
She tripples and skipples
All over the place
Shakes with a shiver
Quives with a quiver
Her father and mother will never forgive her
Since becky is back in the ballet

Becky is back in the ballet, kicking away with her feet
Becky is back in the ballet, look she can ne’er do a spleet
She kicks to the front, to the back and the side
Some day she'll kick and commit suicide
She kneels, it’s a twister, from kneeling so much on her knee is a blister
She goes all around, she goes all ’round the place
She’ll get and feel dizzy and fall on her face
No one can endure her, they’ll kill her or cure her
Her father and mother is goin’ to insure her
Since becky is back in the ballet

Come back here darling
Mama want you to dance for a tata bloom in the concert
Oi! Such a dancer!
Look how she does it
Push up the foot sweetheart
Don't break the toes!
Look how she goes around
She goes around, and around
And she never get dizzy!

Do for mama the dying duck like pavlova
She is what you call a russian ballet
What ballet, what ballance
I can't get over it
Her father should have such ballance
Honeysuckle don't forget the twist
For that I paid two dollars a lesson
Look out darling, look out
Don't break your technique!

Her father and mother are goin' to insure her
Since becky is back in the ballet!

Composição: Blanche Merrill / Leo Edwards

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