Far East Movement


holla holla holla hey holla ho
aint no crime man let yourself go
holla holla holla hey holla ho
[lets go lets go lets go lets go]

[verse 1]

yeah you broke your lucky finger-nail
get on up
i throw your panties in a wishing well
get on up
something spicy for my people keep it HOT HOT your the chicken of the sea, never fly FLY
so what, what you arguing 'bout like you corrupt
spin around like the lottery won you a MILLION bucks
you anticipatin' and times a'wastin' stop chasing chum change chu chu chum

[verse 2]

even if you aint a dancer, get out them hand-cuffs
and get your body movin, wild like a bang bus
get your hands up, stand up and feel proud
everybody wanna kick, they know you'll get down
come and chill wit me, lead drama at the door
like u before the club cause your brothers still broke [oh] thats for real i'm a ghetto rock-star hop my way to planet earth im on my way to rock mars


[verse 3]

now everybody wants to shine and if they say they don't you know they lying
put me on the back-burner like i'm uncle fester but when i blow up who's the first to frenster
like how you doin', how's it goin', how you been?
french kiss my ass, you still aint gettin in
want a free ride 'cause your career is saggin' but there's no more space up on this band wagon
like WOW
how you like me now, holla holla holla how you like me now
i said WOW how you like me now?
get up, get down, get up, and get down



YIPEE free off the body theif
YIPEE douggy when the beat is fresh
NUH UH somethin' like a superstar
[yipee] [get on up]

{repeat 2x}

gimme all you got gimme gimme gimme gimme all you got
[says who] [yipee]


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