Father Octopus

He had a great job, sweet wife
Smart kids, he had a good life
Slow to anger and a loyal friend
He will last forever a gentleman

And then it ended so quickly like it never begun
And when he opened his eyes, he didn't see it coming

It took eternity to lose my purity
But when it finally happened, it happened so easily
And it may be a story to you
But it bores me to tears and apathy

And when I stare at the light, my eyes blister and sting
And when it shrinks to a dot, I will see everything

And no one believes it when it's over
But I'm left here
In the aftermath, wretched and torn
I get lost in the past, sometimes it's hard to move on

Little in memory, little I share
Little I listen, how little I care
You may have prayed to God for everything you cherish today
Remember when he giveth, he also taketh away

And no one believes it when it's over
But you're left here

I'm gonna find it
I'm gonna find it, get it back
Here's to the lie you accept right now
I'll blink away it all

And you dare to assume your fortune spews immortality
Well, I don't believe in it, no
And when you're disenchanted and disappointed
It's a rock that will pull you down

And you will have to decide what's left behind
You can struggle to breathe as you claw your
Way back to your dream
Or you could just let go
Yeah, I'll let it go

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