Ok time to go on the disco beat that's the way it goes
I got a freaky synth and i push up the sin until it pays the rent
What can u do for me ,i'm in the track like 'woh can u move for me
That's right on the sound get low like woh it's time to touch the ground
Real hot motherfucker ,girls check me out like i'm on the x factor
And it might be it sometimes i pop x just to feel the beat
Time to rock the shit ,in the club with the sound i make it hard to sit
From the deep inside so let it pop right there and enjoy the ride comon
Time to feel the station,time to rock the beat
I came back shorty yes i'm easy on the track and i keep it funky
There is no need to talk ,i got my own friends i don't want to stalk
Comon ,so let's not interupt i got a pretty idea on how you like to fuck
Dj don'tchange the sound,i like to see u bounce
Girl don't stop keep me on the trance
Girl you out of space, i wanna keep this going like the bass

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