Life Begun


So far away
I can I help the things I'm felling
And all return from you and I
I can't believe you'd love someone like me
You see me now a broken man who knows tomorrow
So many questions feel my mind
Why did you have to send your son
And why he had to die
So many things I don't understand
So many things I fell
It's hard to find the place inside of me
But I know I can be

So now your time that lasts has come
This is in the end it's just begun

This is the moment we've being waiting for
When you'll find eternal life
And you will know He is you God ( He is the one who lives today )
You can fell his precious love

And you will know that this is life begun

The road I walk
Is not the road I find so easy
But now you're there to hold my hand
Refuse this life someone have known before
You gave me life how can I begin to thank you
I know I don't deserve so much
It can let be you're given me
When I need it all alone

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