Money Right

Flo Rida

Álbum: Money Right

I got my money right, I ain't nothin nice, it's goin
down tonight, that's what the bitches like all day

[Chorus: Flo Rida]
I got my money right, I ain't nothin nice, it's goin
down tonight, that's what the bitches like all day
long, I ain't here for nothin baby, all day long, I
ain't here for nothin only cash [X2]

[Flo Rida]
Everythin safe, gotta walk-in safe
Treadmill rapper still runnin in place
All these meals I can share my plate
Flo Rida full yeah I already ate

Plenty to give or take I'm bout business
Make no mistake hey this serious this real estate
[? ]
My postition I'm cuttin cake I'm the chef in the
kitchen late
On my recipe bill gates on the essence I'm all the

Don't worry bout a dolla don dolla with the product?
Ain't no problem if you starta you a starter you get
hot up
Grand pieces I got em I get em ballin like somethin
Consider the show stoppa I'm all in the damn profit


My life is straight I'm livin good I ain't hurtin for
I knock the riches in them word but I'm workin with
The escalade all pearl, you control it with buttons
They keep the tabs on they curb when I come through
That's Brisc best to believe it seatin on?
I'm the don take it or leave it, throw it in ya face
Big Bs makin it rain no need to hate
Got beef, loadin them thangs, grip the whole case
I got my money right and I'm livin up some rubba
Hit the club [? ] bet I spend a couple grand (couple
[? ]
When I'm on the scene know that Brisc be a wanted man


[Rick Ross:]
Ricky Ross
[? ] my jeans I'm gettin brain everyday
Bitches thicka than venus I told Serina she can train
Got my money like a train...

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