Black With Sin


Calling out my name, I heard you speak
I should not have been so arrogant
Knowing full-well the consequence, I paint you black with sin
Tell me that I am the chosen one
I want to believe you
Pull the knife out of my back as I call you out

Black with sin
Tattoed be fore I had a chance to begin defending my case
A real low
It's what I have to bear
Living day to day under the tag of a blasphemer

You say I am unholy
I just wanna say my say
You hold me within your caged heart
Awestricken, you fill my glass again
I must see you drink it first
If I should go down, I beg you, don't let me drown

List of the skies of the damned
Keep them under command
Hold your head up high
Deep in your lies
Pain of the weak and the frail fighting tooth and nail

Wake up in your jail, watching you and your kind take it out on mine
It leaves an aftertaste, bitter like a
Demons burn all the souls that they seem to deem fit
All the while they smile

Smiling through the teeth of a pig
Wretched whore
Trying to get some more
Get you through the door
Fucking all the pigs as your man, sorry man
Eulogized by all, takes a final fall

Get you through the door
Now you're on all fours fucking like a whore
Begging for some more

Never heard of love?
You say we're victims?
I don't buy it
Excuses all are lies

From time to time I lose some power
So goes a day in the life
The frenetic world of a blasphemer

Kill me fast, end the misery
I dare you to let me go
Hands red with my own blood
I paint you black with sin

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