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Sacrifice For Devil


Show me your head, it's full of the drug
Horror vision of death, that's killing me
I heard your scream in the fit
Where you wanted to find the paradise
By the sea walking in midnight hour
I saw sign that you are sacrifice
Sacrifice for devil - sacrifice for me

Ref: Wake up and return from fantasy
you can hear the voice of devil
this drug is killing you gradually
but it's death - the highest level
My mind is getting darker then grave
I think that you're lost forever
There's no help that can save you
you're the sacrifice for devil
sacrifice for devil - sacrifice for me

When you were younger, you were blind
And now you suffer from neverending agony
Your heart is beating but you're not alive
But it's better then see this world's going down

If you stop it now it's too late
There's no way to take in a normal life
I can't give you any real faith
But say now last goodbye to your life

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