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Le coeur est un idiot qui fait les simples choses samble compliqué, mais je dire toujour:
la vie est si simple comme elle pu etre.
vaz-y, manquet moi
je n'ai pas pu choisir
tombé ameureux de toi

love can seem so simple at once
so i'll try to make some sense
as the clouds drift apart
my heart breaks
i try not to see you
as you gaze into my soul
these feelings we have
are not the same, so let go

let go
but hold me close
eventhough i want to fly
why is it so complicated?
lets enjoy the show
stop looking at me that way
i'll walk away

maybe we can work this out
or else i'll have a breakdown
i'm trying hard controlling myself
it gets harder and harder
should we give this a try or
should we say our goodbyes?
my heart says "yes"
my head says "no"
my heart

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