Forever Moon

A song rings out as the call is placed
While strength and glory are attending in grace
An offering brought for final prepares
The gift of a lifetime that thousands will share

And idols shall fall as his name will rise
And pagans be shed of their clever disguise
Where splendor and majesty herald aside
And give to the Lord their devotion ascribed


I raised my hands
You called my name
And you cut away the edges and refined me
'Til my heart was changed

It's not a secret to me
Woah…but appears to be
The kind of life that I used to lead
Is no more a life than into dirt I can breathe

So I'll sing a new song without any words
Where broader horizons meet with the shores
And marvelous deeds are reason to sing
To the honor and power of our heavenly king


Let us sing for joy
Let us sing for He is Lord

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