Forlorn Suffering

My Soul Was Hidden From The Light
Hidden Far From Others' Sight
Your Beauty Pierced The Surrounding Dark
Upon My Soul It Left Its Mark

Then I Heard Your Angelic Voice
It Was Then I Made My Choice
Problems With My Choice Were Rife
As I Tried To Forsake My Old Life

(Your Love Was Nothing But A Lie
Upon Realization My Soul Did Die
I Was Blind But Now I See
That Through My Heart You Killed Me)

Of Your Past I Did Not Care
Knowing Only You Weren't There
In Hindsight Of You I Should Have Had Fear
But All I Wanted Was For You To Be Near
My Brain Told Me My Choice Was Wrong
Taken From My World Where I Was Strong
Of My Whole Life I Made A Mess
Searching For Your Fond Caress

All Is Lost For What I Yearned
Return's Impossible My Bridge Is Burned
In Your Cruel Game Words Were Said
And Now In Silence My Heart's Dead


(And Now I See What Cannot Be
Darkness Fills Were Light Should Be
The Sorrow Foretold From The Start
As Pain Strikes My Dark Heart)

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