I Press

Fred Hammond

Since you hooked up with the savior
And laid your life down, come on
Didn't let nothin' fade you
Cause you were heaven bound
The gentle rains in your life just got an upgrade
To a hurricane, come on say
In the hands of the master
It seems like you gotta fight and scratch just to remain

You're gona maki it to the end believe it
Until then

I press
Say that you're gonna press my friend
Still i press
You're gonna hang on in there 'till the end say
I press
You know the king of glory is with you
Still i press
Go in his name and he'll see ya through say
I press

My foad is not always easy
Nobody said it would be
And if you use the word perfect
I know you're not referring to me
But here's what i do
Forget the junk behind me
I set my sights on his high calling

And by faith i'll apprehand, yeah, yeah
Until then


Till i become what he wants me to be, yeah, i press
This is the goal and the prize that i reach for, i press

Composição: Fred Hammond

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