Wings Of Destiny

Fright Night

Angels in the dark, these eagles are my fear
I look behind, the image causes my tears
Shadows in the night fly lost among the trees
I hear wild screams, I hear screams of pain

Into the dark, falling into disgrace
Nightmares live in my head
Break the ice of my heart
So I can fly in the Wings of Destiny again

I can´t find a way out, can´t see the light
I live another day, maybe I try another way
In the silence of the sky, my distant look
Something secret is hidden, only my hands can´t reach

I come here under the light of thy face
Voices asking to return to the promised land
Beyond the gates of fate, He´s calling
The black fire, waiting for another sinner

Masquerade demons, freezing my heart
My spirit walks toward sin
A blindman in an unknown land
Trying to find answers to fly again

So he´s condemned to suffer
In the Wings of Destiny

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