Sunny Day

Friska Viljor

Oh sunny day
Did you know that I was gone
I've been missing you
Have you been missing me?

All of the things
That I should have could have done
Has been passing by
Like river to the sea

Porcelain getting warm
And my feet began to sleep
That is how
I spent my days away

But here I am again
Pretending that I am a friend
The only thing I really need
Is some ladymeat

Why can't I see this is no good for me
All I've ever done is to break me down
Keep myself blind and I never will find
The things that will make me a better man

Oh summer day
So quickly drifting away
I've got trouble for some reason
Living here and now

Warm endless nights
Of turning heads and prying eyes
I will find the pretty girls
To wrap my arms around

Morning comes again
With all the angst it's still the same
Will I ever breathe it out
And get some relief

Oh summer day
Did you notice I was gone
I was missing you
Have you been missing me?

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