Mourning For Morning

From A Second Story Window

[THE VERSE:] An angry and destructive race, led by a sire brandishing a crisp new letter giving heed to your ever-present doom. This troubles me greatly. You are a separate entity...a life where there was no life... through your destruction he can live on. He has destroyed everything he has promised you... Why would he destroy you, those who he has created in his image? Calm your storms, ease the tides, walk fast over breaking ground and give heed to the parting skies... [GABRIEL:] I have loved and been love. I have given away my heart too many times. Look at me now as I lay here falling apart. My battered limbs no longer in motion and these veins dying in their rows. I have followed for so long and never questioned. I can feel myself break apart... For the first time I want to become one. [SUDROV:] So, board up the windows and leave us alone tonight. It ends over and over and over and over again. Time Space Emptiness

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