Full Service

Who wants a great escape
Who wants to run away
Who wants to leave today and start a new society
Who wants to stick around
Come up from underground
Who wants to shut 'em down and move the movement forward now
Who wants the big things
Who wants to really think
Who wants some big wings
What is it you're gonna bring
Who wants to give it up, just grab a cup and fill it up
Who wants to stick around and get the people fired up

Earth soon becomes out of sight
Rocketships fly through
Looking out
Look for you in outer space
The earth still wants you
Pulls you back

I thought you'd never leave
Thought you were hungry
I thought the fire's ribbon-flames would burn eternally
Is there a better life
Out with the satellites
Isn't there any way that you could stick around and fight
It's such a cruel choice
Listen to whose voice
Listen to whose noise
Play us like so many toys
I try to understand it, ever since the ship it landed
The shuttle door that slowly opened split apart the world

Composição: Full Service

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