The Happiness Of Being Twice

Future Islands

you walk to the park as the setting sun
and sit as a stone til the day is done
you build us a house from sticks and shrubs
and huddle inside til i come home
there's a saying where i come from
no mistake is truly wrong
as the hole in my heart is where you fit
your casual limbs inside my ribs

that's what we call life
for the first time i can feel tonight
that's how we fall light
that's why we share life
for the happiness of being twice
half of a flawed kite

come and catch me
i'm razor-like in half-sleep
try and find me
i'm deep in the shallows
you can save me from the throes
of winter nights in summer clothes
you can have my life, my rose
for feathers and hallways

and you teach me still
and you hold me dear
you unleash my will
and you always find me here

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