No Acceptance


How could this place go from being so welcoming
To shutting doors in everyone's face
This used to be the only place that I could go
To get away from all of my problems
Now it's the source
What happened to the love that was left from the leaders set before us
All we need is the will to change
The will to make an effort to accept anyone no matter the situation
To have our doors open to anyone that is wanting to know
What it's like to have a home
To have someone listen to them
To have someone relate to them
You have no idea the amount of impact you could make

We can be the change
It's like you got it in your mind that we should stay the same
Selfishness is not the way deliver us from our prideful waste
We can be the change you gotta get it out of your mind

We can change
Throw your egos away you won't be needing them anymore
You're just leading them astray from what they need
A sense of family the feeling of hope
We need to get back to the love we use to know

They can try and stop us but we will not back down
We will be the change
They will not stop us
They will not slow us down
We will be the change
We'll make our voices heard
And well let them know
I am the change

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