Kick You Out


If I look at you, you close your eyes
I'm not a fool because I look at everyone
If you turn the tv on I'll turn the radio on
Is not my fault if you're not so Rock'n'Roll

When I take this you leave that
Take it or leave it is all inside your head
You love the sun I like the night
What the hell are you doing by my side?

I can see now!
(you're looking for more)
I feel in my bones
(you're looking for more)

You like theater I like action movies
and all the things I do you disaprove
You want stop me I wanna keep walking
Don't make me think that "I can kick you out"

I like The Beatles you like the Rolling Stones
I like Nirvana and you like Guns'n'Roses
I'm on the new age you're so classic
You change your clothes but your head still in the past

I wanna kick you out!

I'll understand if you hate me
But don't change what you have to do
I wanna kiss you you wanna kiss me
But don't change what you have to do

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