Glenn Kaiser

I thought I'd seen an angel
I should have looked away
But your honey-blond hair
and your sweet blue eyes
were all you had to say
When a man is lonely
he sometimes drops his guard
I should have seen the headlights
I always lost at cards

They said you'd come from Rosedale
They said you'd had a fall
I'd just cleaned up
had an empty cup
after wailin' at the wall
You smiled and reached
You didn't preach
But you took me where I'd been
God knows how
I could have missed
the sting of another sin
Then came the fight
in the moonless night
I had to quit the pain
So tonight I'm headin' northbound
on a southbound train
Northbound / goin' northbound

The sun is risin' slowly
as we reach the city's edge
It seems like it was years ago
standin' on that ledge
Today I walk on water
in a gentle fallin' rain
She took all I never had
but my Savior took my shame
Sometimes it takes misery
to connect my heart and brain

So tonight I'm headin' northbound
on a southbound train
Oh, northbound / goin' northbound

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