I stood by somebody else and then I stood by you I couldn't move my legs, I didn't know what to do I fail to find the words, I try hard to be cool I die to hear your voice, it's smoothly ringing in the room I see you a surgeon in the looks, what could you possibly see in me I lost the job I had, who picked me up when I'm more in doubt You know I'll let you cut me up, I know you hate to see me bleed Is it the color of my blood or me in the complete? 18 They had it out for us, We were always set for a fall You saved 1979 to me it was the end of the world Yeah right, we're safe, we're cool I know you always wanted more Pick me, we're so clean, we'll wake up when the worst is over Did I tell you I was premature? I'm not fit to follow rules I always fuck things up I guess that makes life more interesting You think that I'm absurd, well certainly with you I am absolutely assured I am ill conceived There is always something wrong but I need to see it through I don't mean to be obsessed, I don't need to be amused I can't stand to be a stain that needs to be removed If I sacrificed myself then I'd know I never knew you Pick me, we're so clean, we'll wake up when the worst is over Take me steering wheel to the cliff now we're going over Kiss me, kiss and bleed, we'll wake up now the worst is over

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