Lollypop Cyber (Feat. LuluzinhaH)

Gothic Dolls

Lollypop Cyber,
My Drug
Lollypop Cyber,
I Need!

I miss you,
O could never imagine that this felling was a farce
I just wanted your heart.
But life has rewarded me with illusions

Dreams can not realize
Sometimes I fell like a small child, screaming to the world…"That I exist!"
But I Know "I´m sitting here alone"…
With my distraction…

Lollypop Cyber gave me an illusion,
The life I always dreamed, (I´ll never have?)
Emotions and feelings that I never lived,
… a love addictive! "Lollypop Cyber!!!"

Lollipop Cyber a pleasure drug
I´m stuck in a temptation
A sweet flavor that excites me,
I just need a lollypop to suck.

I do not want any one to see me cry (Lollypop Cyber my drug)
This empty space inside my mind is the place made for you (Lollypop Cyber I need you)
I do not know who you are (Lollypop Cyber I die for you)
More I want to feel love again one day (Lollypop Cyber, I m addicted)

Composição: Ycarus Red Core, LuluzinhaH (Luciane Albuquerque Nascimento)

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